Keeping the Staff Productive and Happy


The biggest disadvantage of online computer meetings, or of meetings that use Skype, is the fact that one rarely if ever sees more than the individual faces of the meeting participants.  And even worse, those attendees who aren’t speakers are often not seen at all.

Now this might not seem too important to many folks, but it makes some others I know hopping mad.  After all, there are those people who spend a great deal of cash on their clothing and they look forward to having folks see their new duds.  What good is having a new suit from Brooks Brothers or some new Kate Spade shoes on your feet if nobody gets a chance to see them because all the screen shows is the face of the conference members?  And even more, how will folks know who you are when they encounter you for the first time in person?  The lady who is the chief design engineer for our program development department doesn’t get to show off her new Holiday Lane Evie handbag that she got from Kate Spade for a discount by using a Groupon coupon.  Nor could folks see some of the other classy shoes and accessories that are worn by meeting attendees.

That is why our agency management sees that all staff members attend at least on conference or seminar in person every season.   Regardless of their length of tenure, gender or level of rank in the company staff members go to seminars or conferences in towns from South Florida to British Columbia – even Hawaii or Alaska on occasion.  They travel at company expense, and give written reports and presentations at full staff meetings on the key issues and items discussed at the event.  This gives each staff member a chance to be seen and become familiar with his or her professional peers, while also getting acquainted with co-workers and support staff.  And staff members invariably reward the management with professional loyalty and dedication to their work.  It also gives everyone a chance to show off their latest wardrobe additions and demonstrate the benefits of being devoted users of Groupon coupons and promo codes.  Such a management policy benefits everyone.  It is one reason why the firm is consistently rated as one of the best places to work.