Future Technology Innovation

Rapid technological developments make scientists compete to create increasingly sophisticated new technologies. Can’t you curious about what and how the technology that we will use later on in the future? Here are the technologies that will exist in the future. We can read also on many website.

Flying Car

The one technology that is eagerly awaited a lot of people, especially for people in the world. Given the land traffic is increasingly crowded, with flying cars could reduce traffic congestion ground. Reportedly car company Terrafugia has developed a flying car technology.

Space Elevator

As the name suggests Space Elevator is a space station. Made by Japanese technology is already planned at this time in order to meet the technology in the future. With this technology allows the number of 30 people can be brought from Earth to the space station within 8 days. This technology was developed full swing by country known as Japan’s robot.


Lockheed Martin and the University of Arizona are making super-sensitive Near Infrared Camera or abbreviated NIRCam with hope in the future we will be able to take pictures in the early hours of the day. NIRCam will be launched in public in the exhibition The James Webb Space Telescope in October 2018. The system works by detecting light NIRCam using coronagraphs is a tool that can allow astronomers to take pictures of objects that are faint objects around him there NIRCam bright that it can create quite detailed images of stars and galaxies at the dawn of its making. In addition NIRCam can also help us to understand how the principles of space and time to work. Time works in one direction, but the structure of space does not appear to be the course of time, in another sense as time goes past behind so we can not see the trail. But with the presence NIRCam expected we all can see traces of the passage of time, perhaps as binoculars time to look at our past. Even it is possible also to be surfing with a time machine.