3 Rewarding Careers for Engineering Majors

In today’s job market, practical skills are valued more than ever before. That being the case, students who are intent on finding gainful employment ASAP would be wise to consider a degree in engineering. Not only will pursuing engineering major provide you with an extensive range of marketable skills, it will make you very attractive to an equally extensive range of employers. Possessing a degree in engineering will also give you something many jobseekers sorely lack: options. As you’ll find, there’s no shortage of rewarding careers available to engineering majors.

1. Civil Engineer

Engineering students with an interest in civil service are sure to feel right at home working as civil engineers. In this capacity, you’ll play an integral role in designing buildings, bridges, roads and even water supply systems. In addition to collaborating with other civil engineers, you’ll supervise construction teams on a fairly regular basis. Civil engineers can also prove invaluable when it comes to ensuring a structure’s safety. Not only do they confirm that all of the aforementioned structures are environmentally compliant, they make sure that they’re able to weather natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. If a career in civil engineering piques your interest, you’d be wise to visit online-engineering.case.edu.

2. Automotive Engineer

The auto industry is always on the hunt for talented engineers. No matter which major auto manufacturer you wish to work for, odds are they’re in the market for engineers. Whether you’re a lifelong gear-head or you only have a mild interest in the cars, a career in automotive engineering can be both professionally fulfilling and financially rewarding. As an automotive engineer, you’ll assume an active role in designing new vehicles and maximizing their convenience and safety. Seeing the cars you helped design on the road is sure to fill you with a deep-rooted sense of professional pride.

3. Aerospace Engineer

If your interest lies more with aircraft than automobiles, a career in aerospace engineering may be right up your alley. In this role, you’ll aid in the design and construction of commercial, government and military aircraft, additionally, if you have aspirations of working for NASA, you may even wind up designing intricate spacecraft.

To call the current job marketing rough would be an understatement. While it’s encouraging to see a growing number of employers hiring again, many available positions are contract-based instead of fulltime. If job security, copious career options and a generous salary are what you seek, there’s never been a better time to pursue a degree in engineering.